Current Transducers

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Current transducers are devices that convert an electrical current into a proportional signal. This signal can be an AC or DC voltage signal, or a milliamp signal. There are various forms of current transducers available as part of current sensors to monitor power and for quality control in industrial settings.

Hall Effect Sensors

One type of commonly used current sensor is that which is based on the Hall Effect, which is named for physicist Edwin Hall. This technology studies what happens when a conducting material with a current flowing in one direction is introduced to a perpendicular magnetic field. The result is voltage that can be measured at right angles to the original current's path.

Because they are based on a magnetic field, Hall Effect measurement devices can be used in a variety of sensors. These include not just current sensors, but temperature, pressure, and position sensors as well. An application needs only to incorporate a magnetic field in order to utilize the convenience of the Hall Effect for measurement potential.

Hall Effect transducers remain an efficient way to measure power and other properties in various fields. They may stand alone as sensing devices or be incorporated into larger data acquisition systems. Since nearby magnetic fields could disrupt the performance of these devices, there are many models available with shields and guards specifically designed for this problem.

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