Custom Powder Coating

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Custom powder coating differs from standard powder coating in a few key respects. Most importantly, custom coaters tackle parts that the bigger shops, which handle more high-volume jobs, won't touch. They also offer more personalized service simply because they have the time and capabilities to do so.

Why wouldn't a big industrial powder coater agree to take on custom jobs? The answer is that such shops make their money by powder coating hundreds or even thousands of parts at once. Unlike smaller custom coating shops, they have the necessary square footage, the proper equipment, and the "manpower" (coaters do tend to skew male) to do this. The only way custom coaters can compete is by doing more highly specialized work.

Who Opts for Custom Powder Coating?

You may think that only machinists, technicians, auto manufacturers, and other such types are the ones who need custom coating work done. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, it's people such as collectors, hobbyists, and artists who make up the bulk of custom coating clients. That's because their pieces don't tend to conform to standardized measurements or use everyday materials.

An antique car collector who's just acquired a new (old) street rod may wish to make it just as functional as it is stunning. Thus, the radiator, cylinder heads, brackets, and mounts may all need to be degreased and stripped in order to achieve optimal results. This is the kind of job at which a custom coater excels. It may cost the collector a little bit more, but for someone who's just dropped 50 grand on a classic car, a few hundred dollars more is usually negligible.

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