Dental Equipment Leasing

Written by James McNee
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Dental equipment leasing is an affordable alternative to the expensive dental equipment that must be purchased today. Dental equipment that can be leased includes air abrasion systems, air compressors, vacuum pumps, dental chairs, cabinetry, sterilizers, x-rays, lasers, lights, camera systems, nitrous oxide systems, x-ray film processors, and digital radiography. With dental equipment leasing, dentists can afford to acquire the most high-quality and productive types of dental equipment available.

Dental Equipment Leasing Perks

Dental equipment can be extremely expensive to purchase for new dentistry businesses as well as for existing businesses. A majority of dentists agree that having the most up-to-date and efficient equipment is crucial for success in the dentistry business. In order to afford the purchase of dental equipment, many dentists will obtain a financing plan that allows them to make monthly payments on their purchase.

Though payment plans are very helpful for purchasing dental equipment, there is one major problem that exists when dentists choose to purchase their own equipment. Dentistry equipment is continually updated. Therefore, when you own a piece of equipment, there is a strong possibility that your equipment will become outdated or obsolete within a few years. Leasing is the best option for dentists who want to avoid this potential problem.

Dental equipment leasing is a desirable option because it is flexible and it combines the features of renting and buying equipment. With leasing, dentists own their equipment for a certain period of time and make monthly payments during this time. Then, when the term is up, dentists can choose to return the equipment, trade it in for a better model, or to purchase the equipment if they are happy with its performance.

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