Dust Masks

Written by Norene Anderson
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Dust masks are designed to provide comfortable protection for long periods. They fit snugly and comfortably to give a seal around the face to prohibit particulates from seeping in around the edges. The nose clip should be adjustable in order to get the perfect enclosure across the nose. Getting the perfect fit requires getting the right size in the beginning.

There are many occupations requiring the use of dust masks. Woodworking artisans are just one of these occupations. It is important to avoid breathing the particulates in the air from all the sanding required for designing the intricate patterns. While sweeping sand or dirt, cleaning personnel should wear protective dust masks. It is wise to wear a dust mask while planting or harvesting.

Many Reasons for Dust Masks

The NIOSH rating for dust masks is N95 or better. This indicates it is capable of removing at least 95% of particulates that are non-oil based. This also protects construction workers from the dust encountered during drywall sanding. It is critical to keep dust from fiberglass insulation from entering the body. There can be serious harmful physical effects from inhaling fiberglass.

Take advantage of the vast resources on the Internet to learn about the choices in protective masks. The most important information to learn is the type of rating that works on the particulate matter in the work environment. Just a few clicks will take you on a tour of all the choices you need to find the proper mask. There are reusable masks that are not approved by NIOSH. Make certain the dust mask you choose meets the standard for NIOSH.

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