Floor Cleaning Products

Written by Tadashi Moody
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In settings where floor care is a large or monumental task, such as office buildings, garages, warehouses, and other industrial environments, it is important for facilities managers to choose proper floor care products. Whether you are dealing with concrete, tile, vinyl, granite, or some other floor material, the right product for the job can save not only hours of painstaking work, but can prevent accidents in the workplace as well. A properly cared for floor is a safe and beautiful floor.

Categories of Floor Cleaning Products

There are many categories of hard floor care products for many different materials, but they can generally be grouped as cleaners and strippers, sealers and finishes, or top coatings. Depending on the application and your setting, you will need to choose from one or all of these categories. All hard flooring will need to be cleaned, but depending on what type of floor you have, you may have to periodically seal or refinish, and often you will want something to reduce the incidence of slips and falls.

Floor cleaners and strippers should be strong enough to remove soil buildups and stains, but not so harsh as to damage your flooring. A good floor cleaner should effectively remove old finishes and act as a good degreaser. Many stripping products will actually use electrolytic technology to remove dirt and soil particles, and prevent their buildup after cleaning.

Floor sealers are usually a wise idea for porous materials such as concrete or wood. They enhance the strength of the final finish, protecting it from harsh chemicals, embedded soil, water intrusion and ultra-violet radiation. A good floor finish should bring out the beauty in your flooring, but should also be slip resistant. Keeping these categories of products in mind will help you properly care for your flooring.

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