Gym Equipment

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you've invested in new gym equipment to increase your club's sales but have still fallen short, there may be a good reason. As more people becomes increasingly conscious of their health, more and more gyms open to accommodate their needs, from weight-lifting and cardiovascular exercise to juice bars and relaxation equipment. Even though the population continues to grow, so do the number of health outlets providing essentially similar services.

For this reason, it seems more and more gyms are having financial difficulties. It's hard to attract a loyal membership if all you offer is a rack full of dumbbells, some assorted gym mats, and a few treadmills. Even the more upscale gyms are facing membership drop-off as people come to expect better services and amenities. So how do you stand apart from the competition in such a tight industry?

Special Gym Equipment

By bringing in unique gym equipment, you show your members that you're willing to evolve with their needs. Elliptical trainers, full-accessory yoga studios, climbing walls, and aromatherapy spas are all common features in gyms today, but were nearly absent ten years ago. And in the next ten years, health club equipment will undoubtedly undergo another revolution, leaving people to muse about archaic stationary bikes and rowing machines.

With the right equipment, you can essentially turn your gym into a full-service spa. Add a health food bar, a tanning salon, or even an oxygen bar to bring your gym into the twenty-first century, or risk being left behind. Friendly service, a convenient location, and low prices can only attract so many customers. After that, it's the quality of your equipment that will largely determine whether they renew or quit.

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