Half Face Mask

Written by Norene Anderson
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Half face mask design is typically for workers wearing other types of headgear such as a hardhat or safety goggles. It has straps that adjust to position the mask in a way that it does not interfere with vision. A cover directing the exhaled air downward to avoid fogging protects the exhalation valve. The nose bridge should fit securely without unnecessary pressure. The inner body of the mask is made of a material to conform to the shape of the face.

A cartridge approved by NIOSH is the only type that should be used with a half face mask. This is the only way to be certain that the product is designed to protect against the industrial contaminants in the environment. A wide selection of masks are available that are designed for simple cartridge replacement and use. Refer to the rating by NIOSH to get the correct cartridge.

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For work around paint such as an auto body shop, the half face mask should have the capacity to connect to a breathing air hose. This provides fresh air in a confined area with a lot of toxins and particulates that must be filtered out of the inhaled air. The connection must be secure and the source of the fresh air container placed outside the confined area of the paint.

There are portable air sources for up to three workers available with half mask systems. These air respirators are supplied by an air pump of up to one and one-half hp and 100 feet of air hose. This supplies the necessary cool fresh air for several workers with one connection. All equipment should meet NIOSH standards for efficiency.

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