Heavy Equipment Safety

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Heavy equipment safety can be a matter of life or death. For instance, heavy equipment safety can help prevent tractor roll overs. Although tractors are very convenient for home use, they can be quite dangerous. Tractor owners can protect life and limb by following some simple, heavy equipment safety rules.

Heavy Equipment Safety Rules for Tractor Operators

When operating a tractor, it's best to stick to flat surfaces. If you are going to mow a small slope, you have to go about it the right way. Never push your tractor past the degree of angle the manual allows for. You can use an inclinometer to help determine the grade of the angle you are climbing or descending.

Inclinometers are inexpensive and easy to use. Make sure you buy a model suitable for outdoor use. You don't want the slope meter or its mounting to rust, shatter, crack, or be crushed. Look for really durable inclinometers from reputable manufacturers.

If you are an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, you may want to place safety labels on all your machines. This will protect your clientele, while protecting your company from law suits. If you are adding additional equipment to your original equipment, such as inclinometers, you may be able to add labeling for free.

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