Hot Rod Finishing

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The hot rod finishing industry accounts for millions of dollars each year, most of which are spent by car owners looking to spruce up their vehicles' looks, both inside and out. On the exterior, parts such as wheel rims, headlights, and body trim are prime candidates for powder coating. Under the hood, it's cylinder heads, engine blocks, and valve coverings that are most popular.

That said, just about any hot rod part may be powder coated, provided that it's metal. This includes everything from disc brake calipers and back plates to axle flanges and housings. Redo your intake manifolds for superior performance, shine up your master cylinder to remove corrosion, or just give your fender wells an extra barrier to keep away dirt, grease, and debris.

The "Fast and the Furious" Culture

While the film The Fast and the Furious put big-time street-racing in the spotlight, the culture depicted in the film has thrived ever since the advent of the combustion engine. As soon as gas and air could be combined to power vehicles there were drivers lined up to prove that theirs were the fastest. In cases where these vehicles failed to match up on the drag strip, they always had their aesthetic superiority to fall back on.

These days, street-racing isn't just a covert happening in the back alleys of America. Rather, it's big business, and sanctioned big business at that. Hot rods are almost always the prime attraction at international car shows, and hot rod racing is one of the biggest spectator sports in the automotive world, garnering regular coverage on ESPN and raking in millions from merchandising.

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