Industrial Coatings

Written by Tadashi Moody
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Whether you are in a warehouse, hospital, grocery store, health club, machine shop, or any other industrial or business setting, having a properly constructed and maintained floor is of critical importance to workplace and customer safety. According to the Bureau of Labor, over 104 million workdays are lost every year due to injuries related to slip and fall accidents. This statistic alone makes it incumbent upon every employer to create a work environment that is safe, and take preventative measures against slips, trips, and falls.

The first step to a safe floor is regular cleaning and stripping. You will want to choose a cleaning product that does not leave any kind of residue. The best floor cleaners detach soil particles from the surface using electrolytes, which also helps prevent buildup in the future. If you are dealing with old finishes on your floor, regular stripping is important. Choose a stripping product that will completely emulsify old finishes and that is effective at degreasing. Many cleaners also have additives that will enhance traction. Once your floor is clean and stripped, choosing a proper industrial coating will help create a safe walking surface.

Industrial Coatings for Floors and Walkways

The type of industrial coating you choose for your flooring will depend on the type of floor you have, so make sure the product you choose is suitable. Concrete, tile, and wood floors all have specific characteristics that one must address. A primer or sealer applied before finishes and final coatings will improve the floor's strength. Your top coat can be chosen either to enhance or to cover the original appearance of the floor.

Acrylic or epoxy coatings are a good choice in industrial settings. They are durable and will resist penetration from chemicals, ultra-violet radiation, and impacts, enhancing the life of your floor while making it safer. Industrial strength coatings should bond well with your flooring system, and should last for many years without needing reapplication. Many epoxy coatings can be enhanced by adding sand or other granular materials for increased traction.

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