Las Vegas Trade Show

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The term "Las Vegas trade show" is almost as redundant as "Las Vegas gambling." If craps and poker are Vegas's stock-in-trade, the trade show runs a close second. This is no great coincidence, either. Most industries know that dangling a weekend in the City of Sin before its members is a sure-fire way to bolster attendance, even for something as mind-numbing as an accounting convention.

Many industries opt to have their trade shows in Las Vegas because of the town's easy social mores. It's far easier, they reason, for people to do business--which is the ultimate goal--while they're busy getting liquored up, spinning the roulette wheel, or casing the local strip joints. As a vendor, the bulk of your work has already been done for you; your prospective customers are arriving in droves. All you have to do is make your sales.

A Successful Las Vegas Trade Show

It may seem impossible to attract attention in a city that's constantly bombarding its visitors with ten million stimuli. What, you may ask, is the point of giving away free T-shirts at your Las Vegas trade show when there are dancing girls and Bengal tigers around every corner? The thing to consider is the town can be so overwhelming by night that many business people actually look forward to the relative calm during the day as they're perusing your goods.

That means you have a prime audience just waiting to be sold. Your potential clients are tired from all the fanfare of Las Vegas, so why not give them a place to rest their aching feet? Many vendors put out foot massage booths to help relieve the strain, while others spice up their kiosks with soothing aromatherapy. Any trade show services that are designed to help your visitors relax are sure to be successful sales tools, no matter what product you're selling.

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