Los Angeles Trade Show

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For a true glimpse of the proverbial melting pot, drop by any Los Angeles trade show and take a look around. When it comes to diversity, there is no city in America like L.A., and not just in demographics, but in geography and industry as well. Like other international cities such as New York, Toronto, or London, L.A. offers a startling cross-fertilization of people, businesses, and cultures--all of which makes for one heck of a trade show.

Los Angeles is home to finance, computer technology, national defense, fashion, and cuisine in addition to the entertainment industry. One weekend the Los Angeles Convention Center or Staples Center may play host to a national jewelry show. The weekend after that it's blooming with orchids or lined with aisles of books from international publishing houses and imprints. And because it's L.A., those aisles are filled with Chinese, Persians, Mexicans, Armenians, Israelis, Argentines, Aussies, and folks of every other imaginable descent.

Stand Out at Your Los Angeles Trade Show

Whether you're selling industrial-strength vacuum cleaners, dusty old tomes, or vintage art work, you need some sort of hook to lure would-be customers to your booth. Chances are, you'll be competing side by side with vendors who are hawking products or services similar to yours. How are you going to set yourself apart from those other kiosks?

One good strategy to use at your Los Angeles trade show is novelty. Is there something about your booth that just seems to beckon people? A trade show promotion is essential if you hope to catch your customers' eyes. And whatever you choose as your trade show giveaways need not relate directly to the product you're selling. As long as it effectively sucks people in to get a closer look and learn more, you've done your job.

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