Metal Finishing Services

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Metal finishing services cover literally hundreds of different types of applications, many of which are suited for industrial purposes, others for residential or personal jobs. The type of metal finishing service you select ought to complement the physical size and complexity of the job. The needs of an art collector looking to eliminate corrosion from a sculpture and a missile-parts manufacturer working under government contract are, needless to say, worlds apart.

A lot of industries still rely on electroplating simply out of habit. For years, chrome, nickel, zinc, aluminum, and copper plating (just to name a few) have been the first choices for businesses in the automotive, space, boating, and trucking industries. The heads of companies in these sectors, like most people, are resistant to sweeping changes, no matter what sorts of advantages those changes offer.

Other Types of Metal Finishing Services

The hypothetical business owners mentioned above could easily opt out of anodizing, electropolishing, and hardcoating and choose more efficient, less ecologically damaging alternatives. Chemical plating processes tend to use solvents that contain "volatile organic compounds" that can wreak havoc on the environment. Clean, dry metal finishing services, on the other hand, eliminate these pollutants altogether and still accomplish the same tasks.

More and more auto manufacturers and defense contractors (just to name two examples) are starting to realize the benefit of powder coating over liquid processes that yield byproducts and waste. Not only do these finishing techniques reduce harmful toxins, but they save money on all ends. In the long run, it's cheaper for finishers to do business if they're not consistently burdened by fees and penalties from government agencies such as the EPA and OSHA. They can then pass these savings on to their customers, who can then pass them along to their own clients.

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