Miami Trade Show

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Miami trade show can be a landmark event, if only because the city is such a popular destination. Imagine the relief those workers in New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania feel when they step off the plane at Miami International Airport and prepare to do business during a full snow-free weekend. Is it any wonder so many companies in the north and midwest opt to have their national conventions so close to the tropics?

Now that you have every assurance that your Miami trade show will be well attended, your job is to scout for leads, form new friendships and business partnerships, and make money. Like Phoenix, New York, and Los Angeles, Miami is a city awash in wealth, so if you are drawing from the local population for your attendance, you know your visitors are prepared to spend. The problem is, the goods you're selling look an awful lot like the ones in the booth next to yours.

Getting Attention at Your Miami Trade Show

Miami is a cosmopolitan, international city where anything is possible. The town is home to tourism, yes, but also dozens of industries that indirectly profit from all those vacation dollars. Doctors and dentists do booming business in Miami, as do most centrally located restaurants and bars. As a result, whatever line of work you're in, there's a more-than-sufficient customer base lurking out there between the booths. Your job is to reel those customers in.

To do so, you need a plan. All successful trade show exhibits rope in onlookers with more than just competitive prices. Some give away food, while others sell sex (figuratively, that is) to capture attention. Clearly, some trade show promotions are more effective than others. Ideally, you should tie your hook or gimmick into the product you're selling. But even if you can't, it's far better to attract a crowd using a wholly unrelated side show than not to attract anyone at all.

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