N100 Respirators

Written by Norene Anderson
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N100 respirators are one of the protective devices recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) for use by caregivers of patients with SARS. Regular surgical masks do not provide the protection required for filtering the airborne viral particulates. The respirator should fit tightly around the nose and mouth with no escape holes. If air can escape around the edges, harmful particulates can get in through the same areas.

N100 respirators are recommended for use by workers in an area with extensive contamination from mold. This is a potentially serious situation and there should be air monitoring before and during the work process. Disposable gloves and protective clothing from the head to the feet are recommended by OSHA in addition to the NIOSH respirators.

N100 Respirators with a HEPA Filter

There should be an exhaust fan with a HEPA filter and approved by NIOSH to pull the contaminated air from the work area. Respiratory protection should be provided by respirators that have a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter such as the N100 respirators. Choosing the proper respirator is critical to getting the right protection.

It is also vital to have the right fit. Many things come under consideration when choosing a respirator. The medical condition of the worker can have an affect on the style chosen. If the individual has restrictive breathing, it would not work to use a negative pressure respirator. Likewise, working around a lot of obstruction or moving parts can limit the use of some types of respirators.

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