N99 Disposable Respirators

Written by Norene Anderson
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N99 Disposable Respirators meet the qualifications for filter efficiency of oil-free particulate aerosols at 99% or better. One occupation using the N99 filter is the welder. It provides the protection needed to avoid inhaling any harmful atmospheric pollutant. It prohibit intake of most welding fumes. This type of respirator is designed with an exhale valve to reduce the buildup of hot air. It should also be flame retardant.

N99 disposable respirators come in a style that will fit under any welding helmet or face shield. The contour of the mask should fit comfortably having a molded nose bridge with soft foam to protect the nose from the weight and tightness required to ensure total breathing enclosure. Some have an adjustable cloth strap, thus making it more comfortable.

N99 Disposable Respirators Work

NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) sets the standard for disposable respirators. Other occupations using N99 disposable respirators include torch cutting, metal pouring, and any type of dusty environment such as poultry, textiles, polishing, and buffing. These environments pose a high danger of inhalation of harmful particulates if the proper protection is not worn.

Check out the Internet for all the latest designs of disposable N99 respirators. The NIOSH rating gives assurance that the quality is excellent. There are different designs to fit various lifestyles and occupations. A few clicks of the mouse will show all the types available. You can also do comparison shopping online.

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