Overstock Pallets

Written by Shirley Parker
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Closeout and surplus merchandise is often only available for purchase by the pallet load or by gaylord, a bulk container. Gaylord was originally a trademark of Gaylord Container Corporation, but it's now freely used throughout the container industry to mean any bulk container. Some minimum orders of surplus merchandise may require purchase of at least three or four gaylords, if not two dozen pallets, or an entire truckload.

Overall inventory selection of a salvage wholesaler may be quite large, but the origination point can add to the cost of the goods. A buyer may pay only six percent, 17 percent or 25 percent on the wholesale dollar, but if the minimum purchase is a truckload, shipping costs must definitely be factored in. Depending on the buyer's location, paying freight on board (FOB) from Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida or California can be a significant expense.

Surplus goods for sale include just about anything from foodstuffs, baby clothes and furniture, tools, sporting goods, electronics, housewares and more. Drugstore items such as brand name cosmetics, watches, hosiery, collectibles and costume jewelry are often sold by the pallet. The minimum order for these may be one pallet or one lot. The piece count will obviously vary.

Where Dollar Stores Obtain Merchandise

Have we now identified a source for some of the items sold at swap meets? Perhaps. Certainly, overstock pallets are where and how dollar stores obtain much of their bargain merchandise. Dollar stores have saved many a day and many an out-of-work consumer, whether trying to put on a birthday celebration for a child, looking for something to read, or hoping to find some reasonably priced shampoo and toothpaste. In addition, dollar stores have their own brands of toiletries and household items that are packaged overseas.

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