Oxygen Bar Equipment

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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In the past few years it seems every gym, spa, salon, and bar has brought oxygen bar equipment into their facility in the hopes of increasing revenues. What began as a novelty--and mostly "a California thing"--a while back has since hit the mainstream. Now it's not uncommon to see oxygen bars everywhere, from fairs and carnivals to trade shows and salons.

So why are all these facilities bringing in oxygen bar equipment? Is there any proven medical benefit of breathing pure oxygen? Is it even pure oxygen in the first place? And if so, is that really safe? These are just some of the questions people have about oxygen bars.

A Few Myths Debunked

As it turns out, oxygen bar equipment does not supply straight oxygen. Only a licensed medical practitioner is permitted to do this, and only patients with prescriptions can receive pure oxygen. But, you may say, I see athletes on television breathing pure oxygen on the sidelines at football games. Often this is not straight oxygen either, but only about 95% O2 (the chemical formula for oxygen).

Even if it were 100% pure oxygen, the physical demands of playing professional sports requires that the organs be replenished for optimum performance. Recreational oxygen, on the other hand, is intended for everyday use, not rigorous training. Oxygen bars are social, inviting folks to sit down at their brightly colored booths to partake not just of O2, but of the aromatherapy products that often accompany it.

More Myths Debunked

Many people incorporate trips to the oxygen bar into a greater health regimen that includes a smart diet and regular workouts. While oxygen has been proven to energize the body, fight dangerous free-radicals, and increase alertness, there are no greater claims as to its salubrious effects. A trip to the oxygen bar will not reverse the symptoms of serious disease, and should never be used in lieu of professional medical treatment.

That said, investing in oxygen bar equipment can promote another form of health--financial well-being. Wherever bars pop up, people seem to follow, eager to see what the fuss is all about. Kids, teenagers, and adults have lined up at fairs and trade shows to enjoy a safe form of recreation that has also lined the coffers of those event planners and promoters who have been wise enough to invest in O2 booths. After all, DJs and face-painting booths can grow old fast, so why not bring a fresh infusion to your own event?

Learn More About Oxygen Bar Equipment

In the pages that follow, you'll learn more about how oxygen bars work, the business opportunities they afford, and the truth about their health benefits. There is a lot of misinformation floating about, including rumors that bars are dangerous, unhygienic, or expensive.

Each of those rumors is false. Oxygen bars carry no known dangers, have replaceable parts that are easy to clean, and are affordable for any size budget. Better still, you can rent oxygen bar equipment for a lone event, buy separate parts to supplement those you already own, or buy a complete bar of your own. Either way, your oxygen bar will undoubtedly emerge as the prime attraction at whatever event you're hosting or sponsoring.

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