Oxygen Bar Rental

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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An oxygen bar rental is a terrific way to sample the benefits of a bar without plowing money into a major investment. Many folks have heard about oxygen bars but mistakenly think they're only a "California thing" or that they could never try one in their own home. The reality is, more people rent out oxygen bars for a day than buy oxygen bars for their homes or even travel to oxygen bars out on the town.

In most cities there are at least a few companies offering oxygen bar rentals for those curious about the benefits of breathing pure air. We constantly see athletes on television who are hooked up to oxygen tanks after touchdown runs, marathons, and other exhausting feats. But that doesn't mean you need to be a pro athlete to qualify for a session at an oxygen bar, regardless of what some people say.

The Truth About Your Oxygen Bar Rental

There is a prevailing misconception that only athletes need oxygen because their bodies are so depleted from the rigors of their sport. But you don't even need to be a weekend warrior to put your body through the kind of stress that pro ballplayers deal with day to day. Just the pressure of past-paced living alone is enough to take a toll on the mind and body and cause them to slowly break down.

With your oxygen bar, you not only get the restorative benefits of oxygenated blood and revitalized organs, you get a cool social venue as well. Many bars are equipped with half a dozen separate tanks, each with its own separate hose and cannula. This makes oxygen bars great conversation pieces at parties and major attractions at events and conventions.

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