Oxygen Bar Supplies

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're thinking about getting into the oxygen business, there are all kinds of oxygen bar supplies and accessories available. As interest in and demand for oxygen bars has grown, manufacturers have produced more and more options for individual bar owners or businesses looking to lease equipment. This latter option is especially attractive if you want to install a bar at a one-time-only event without laying out the capital investment to buy a whole system.

The first thing you'll need is some sort of concentrator system for your oxygen bar. This will help you monitor your oxygen flow and purity to make sure they remain above minimum levels. A good concentrator will not only be silent--operating anywhere under 50 decibels--but easily transportable. Some concentrators roll on casters, so it's easy to take them with you to parties or other events.

Other Types of Oxygen Bar Supplies

Along with your concentrator, you'll also want an infusor to deliver your oxygen directly to your users. Infusors can come in modular units for individuals or rows that serve multiple guests at a time. An oxygen bar, like a regular bar, is supposed to be a social environment, so it's not uncommon to find five or six users lined up at once, all breathing different aromas.

Other oxygen bar supplies include modular bars, which are bigger than simple infusors. The bar itself should be made of lightweight materials so that you can break it down and reassemble it on the fly. Most modular bars also provide their hosts with space to incorporate their company logo or other brand, so users know exactly whose air they're breathing. This signage helps make oxygen bars an outstanding marketing tool, whether you're at a trade show, fair, or party.

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