Paint Pallets

Written by Shirley Parker
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Painted pallets are also called colored pallets. They are usually made of wood that's been painted. Most pallet users don't want to pay for extra painting or colors on their pallets, but color-coding is a great way to tell what's stacked in those rows of pallets in a warehouse.

Types of Pallets

Pallets are most often made from lumber, although metal or plastic pallets are common, too. Only a certain part of the tree is used for making pallets--the very center of the tree trunk. This is called "cant lumber." The rest of the tree is used for other grades of lumber.

A new type of pallet that many industries are taking advantage of is the molded plastic pallet. These pallets can be shaped to contain the rolls seen in corrugated pallets, but are cheaply and easily made from plastic (often called ribbed top pallets). These pallets are especially useful for manufacturing or transporting situations where several thousand pounds of product need to be moved.

It's also a smart idea to buy recycled pallets. It's a small thing to do that is a big help to the environment. When it's time to be recycled, pallets are crushed or ground into bits. If they are wooden and held together with nails, large magnets will pull those out. Recycled pallets can be used for animal litter and mulch. You can even buy multi-colored mulch by the bag from pallet recyclers.

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