Pallets For Sale

Written by Shirley Parker
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Any established business that manufactures or distributes products has probably already tapped into the network of dealers who buy and sell pallets and/or containers. Corrugated pallets are reusable but generally are purchased new and don't get refurbished. Wood pallets, plastic pallets, and metal pallets are usually readily available, both new and used. The occasional "catch" may be the cost of them at any given time, since they are subject to supply and demand.

Surplus pallets become available under several circumstances: when the needs of a business change because their products or volume change; when they find a different type of pallet that's more suitable or less expensive; or when they go out of business. In addition, when wood pallets need to be reconditioned and repaired, it's generally more efficient to have the work done by a company that specializes. Sometimes, used plastic pallets become available, also, needing only to be sanitized.

Some pallet servicers require that used pallets be delivered to their receiving docks. However, others will pick up surplus pallets at a customer's site. If so, they may collect them in either open or closed trucks or trailers. When the customer needs repaired pallets returned to them, most servicing companies can provide good turnaround time. Some members of the Pallet Clearinghouse Network will contract to retrieve, rent or recover pallets, along with shipping crates or boxes.

Additional Services Offered

Additional shipping requirements can usually be met, such as heat treatment, fumigation, or preservative treatment of wooden pallets. This can be especially valuable, since pallets destined for export must now meet more stringent regulations. Heavy-duty pallets can be produced to military specs. Wood chips produced during the refurbishing process are turned into decorative mulch for gardens, some of it being multi-colored from the different types of wood pallets being serviced.

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