Percent Slope

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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If you need to measure the percent slope of an angle, you will most likely need to use an inclinometer. There are less accurate instruments available for calculating slope, some of which are meant to be handheld. These include clinometers. Clinometers are great for filmmakers and photographers. Inclinometers are better suited for contractors, designers, and machinists.

Choosing Your Percent Slope Inclinometers

Once you have decided to buy a percent slope inclinometer, you will want to determine what increment of percentage points is right for you. Do you want a percent slope inclinometer in two percent increments, or do you want one in 10 percent increments? This depends on the level of accuracy the job demands. You will also need to decide the range of percentages you will need.

Do you need your inclinometer to go all the way up to 100 percent, or only to 15 percent? Obviously, if you are mounting the inclinometer to a piece of equipment which will never go beyond 10 percent, then the 15 percent range is preferable to the 100 percent range. A smaller range often offers greater accuracy.

If you are an original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.), you may want to place warning labels on your equipment, along with the inclinometer. For instance, if your equipment is not safe over an angle of 30 percent or more, a caution label can clearly indicate this. You may also want to have the name of your company inscribed on the inclinometer, rather than the name of the company that manufactured the slope indicator.

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