Phoenix Trade Show

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Phoenix trade show seems to be a weekly event in Arizona. As the fifth biggest city in the nation, Phoenix is home to some of the biggest venues and best accommodations around. In fact, the service and hospitality industry is, by some measures, the biggest in all of Phoenix, employing millions of workers at a slew of hotels, convention centers, resorts, and restaurants.

Each year, Phoenix is home to southwest art shows featuring paintings, sculptures, and ceramics that reflect the local desert culture. Moreover, Phoenix is also a hub for auto enthusiasts and features the annual Barrett Jackson car show among other first-rate automotive events. And of course there's the usual lineup of medical and dental shows, industrial equipment conventions, sporting events like rodeos and the Phoenix Open, all of which come with some sort of traveling marketplace.

Make a Statement at Your Phoenix Trade Show

As a retirement community, Phoenix is home to a disproportionately high number of wealthy people and families. That means that when people come to Phoenix trade shows, they are willing to spend. And since they have to spend their money somewhere, why shouldn't it be at your booth or kiosk?

To win flocks and flocks of spectators, however, you need some sort of a marketing gimmick--a hook, in advertising parlance. Your trade show promotion can be anything from buttons and bumper stickers to free hot-air balloon rides, so long as it's successful in grabbing attention. Many sellers put in day spa equipment such as massage tables or aromatherapy to encourage the shuffling hordes to stop and take a breather. As any good business person knows, it's much easier to sell to someone who's relaxed and at ease than uptight and irritable.

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