Physician Loan

Written by Jill Morrison
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Physician loans provide financing options for doctors with financial needs. Whether you are a surgeon, radiologist, pediatrician, or general practitioner, options are available to either help you purchase the equipment you need or to provide you with extra cash. The two best financing choices for doctors include equipment leasing and working capital loans.

Physician Loan Options

Physician loans are most commonly sought after by doctors who are starting new practices. The expense of purchasing new equipment and materials in addition to the space used to run the practice can be substantial. Financing, such as working capital loans, can help new practices to afford the initial start-up and equipment purchasing costs. A monthly payment plan that fits into budgets can be established with physician financing.

New and existing physicians will need physician loans whenever they wish to obtain new equipment for their practice. Options of medical equipment that can be financed include x-ray, optical, physical therapy, healthcare, scanning, imaging, oxygen, laser, ultrasound, and heart monitoring equipment. Physicians may also need lab test equipment, blood analyzers, film processors, cabinetry, chairs, and exam tables.

Medical equipment leasing is a great alternative to purchasing equipment with a loan. Lease rates and terms can be determined easily online. Most medical lease terms fall between 36 and 84 months. Leasing also gives medical practices the option to upgrade their equipment at the end of their lease term. This option is not available when medical equipment is purchased.

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