Pleated Air Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Pleated air filters are now an industry standard for air purifier filters due to their high efficiency. Efficiency is of supreme importance in the world of air filters. Efficiency basically means that the filter is giving its optimal performance for the task. In other words, it's not being hindered by anything and is able to do the best job it possibly can.

To settle for anything less is silly, especially when there are so many high-quality, high-efficiency pleated air filters on the market. All the top manufacturers of air filtration devices for forced-air systems provide the necessary pleated filters for these systems. Air filters trap small particles before they enter the duct-work of the heating or cooling system, thereby protecting the system from pollutant buildup--and humans from dirty, allergen-loaded air.

How Pleated Air Filters Deliver

The reason filters are pleated is because they must make the most of common space limitations. If air systems could be as large as an entire house, there would be no need for pleated air filters; they could just be huge. Of course, we don't live in a world of giant homes, so we need to adjust filter design to the existing reality.

Pleating is a smart way to do that, for it increases the surface area of a filter without increasing its overall area. The more surface area on an air filter, the better, for that means that there is that much more material available to do the job of trapping and holding contaminating particles. Thus, pleated filters deliver high performance in a convenient, compact size.

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