Powder Coating Services

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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It's naive to lump all powder coaters into one broad category. As with doctors, there are coaters who specialize in each facet of the business, from motorcycles and marine parts to industrial applications and experimental prototypes. Just as you wouldn't see a cardiologist for your gastroenteritis, you wouldn't take your Harley's corroded gas tank to an aeronautics powder coater.

So what are the types of services available? It's safe to say that cars, trucks, and hogs dominate the consumer powder coating market. Nearly everyone owns a car, and while not every driver keeps his or her parts gleaming bright, many do take pride in their chrome, gold, and silver accents. Moreover, anyone who claims to have met a Harley rider who didn't look to his or her hog's bright, colorful finish with adoring eyes didn't meet a real Harley rider.

Non-Automotive Powder Coating Services

A second major stream of work comes to powder coaters through the "home and garden" set. Do-it-yourselfers, green-thumbs, and interior designers look to powder coating on everything from garden arbors, gates, and trellises to patio furniture, indoor accents, and structural elements. While indoor pieces are largely meant to be decorative, outdoor parts that are exposed each day to the elements must be decorative and weather-resistant.

Some powder coating companies even specialize in prototype work for emerging products and technologies. Inventors and entrepreneurs on the path toward production and widespread distribution must first make sure that their prototypes are flawless. Taking the extra time to get these early models into shape can translate to greater profitability down the line, which is always a smart tradeoff.

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