Sars Masks

Written by Norene Anderson
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SARS masks became a world-wide concern when the outbreak of SARS made headline news. Many people in China and other countries experiencing the threat of the disease wore masks every time they went out in public. The masks were worn as a barrier between the individual and the pollutants in the air. The WHO (World Health Organization) sounded the alarm about the severe contagious aspect of the illness.

All of the healthcare workers in areas treating SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) patients are required to wear SARS masks as a precautionary measure. It is so contagious that the only mask rating that will protect adequately is the N95. This rating is set by the NIOSH for safety standards. All masks are not created equal and the only way to be protected from SARS or any other highly contagious virus is to use the right product.

SARS Masks Protect

The design for SARS masks is to filter out the tiny droplets that are sneezed and coughed into the air by those infected with the virus. One of the most important precautions that everyone can take is proper and frequent hand washing. In addition, anyone having any contact with infected individuals should wear a protective mask.

There are several masks designed for SARS that meet the stringent requirements for adequate protection. Every precaution possible should be taken to avoid contamination. Healthcare workers are particularly vulnerable due to the close quarters of patient rooms. All preventive measures should meet the standards set by the CDC and WHO. The Internet has more information on these restrictions and concerns.

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