Slip Resistant Ceramic Tiles

Written by Tadashi Moody
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With the variety of types, designs, colors, and textures of ceramic tiles available today, it is virtually assured that if you are considering a ceramic tile floor, you will find a tile that fits your needs. Whether you are in an office, industrial setting, or home, ceramic tile can be a versatile, highly durable and exceedingly beautiful choice of flooring. Regardless of whether your primary concern is slip resistance or appearance, there is sure to be a tile for you.

The term "ceramic tile" encompasses many commonly known types of tiles found in homes and businesses today. Porcelain, terrazzo, terra cotta, Mexican, and quarry tiles are all different types of ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed, and your choice will depend on what level of slip resistance you need in your tile. Glazing is a process that creates a non-porous, highly scratch-resistant surface on one side of the tile which can be quite striking. But glazed tiles that are too glossy may not be suitable for walking surfaces.

When choosing a ceramic tile, there are several questions you should consider. Will it be used as a walking surface? How much foot traffic will cross the tile? Is the area to be tiled indoors or outdoors? How large is the area to be tiled? How much are you willing to spend per square foot of tiling? Answering these questions will ensure that you will choose a ceramic tile to properly meet your needs.

Understand the PEI Scale When Choosing Slip Resistant Ceramic Tile

If slip resistant ceramic tile is what you are looking for, it is good to understand the PEI rating scale. These ratings are designed to help you gauge the appropriateness of a particular tile for your application. A rating of #1 means that it is really only suitable for display or decorative purposes, while a rating of #5 is reserved for tiles that can handle the highest commercial traffic. Properly maintaining your ceramic tile, or coating with aftermarket anti-slip coatings, can improve their slip resistance as well.

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