Slope Grade

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Determining slope grade is often essential for safety. If you are operating a crane, you would be in big trouble if you couldn't accurately and quickly measure the slope grade. Calculating slope is essential to a number of pursuits and occupations beyond crane operator.

Operators need to determine slope to create landfills. Health care professionals need to determine slope grade to set up x-ray tables and hospital beds. Machinists, road crews, and engineers all need to determine slope to accurately construct items. The number of projects which rely on accurately measuring slope are myriad.

Seeing Your Slope Grade Readout

Having an accurate measure of the slope is not enough. You have to be able to read it, too. Designers have come up with a host of options to offer users the best slope readout for them. These options include unusual variations, like glow in the dark readouts for night use.

They also include digital readouts. After a long day in the field, digital can sometimes be easier to read than analog. Of course, the display should be housed well, whether the display is digital or analog. It should be housed in a recess, to help users read it in adverse conditions. Even if the casing is dusty or dirty, the readout should be visible.

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