Slope Rating

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Slope rating is a must for professionals in a number of fields. Slope rating is essential for road crews, construction workers, and health care professionals. Land fills would not be possible without slope rating. Bulldozers could not be operated on hills. Cranes would be totally unsafe to use.

Accurate Slope Rating

Fortunately, accurately calculating slope is not that difficult to do. All you need is a good inclinometer. Inclinometers are inexpensive tools, which can be readily found over the Internet. You can find different styles of inclinometers for different projects.

For instance, you can find miniature slope indicators, perfect for very small pieces of equipment. Digital inclinometers are popular among those who work very long hours. Eyes become tired over the course of a long day, and digital readouts are often easier to see.

There are even inclinometers with dual axis mounts. This means they can tilt in two directions: side-to-side, and fore-to-aft. Look for sturdy inclinometers with durable mounting. The mounting should be tough, yet easy to use. Ideally, you should be able to mount the instrument in less than five minutes. If you are a manufacturer of original equipment, you may want to have your company name inscribed on the inclinometer, rather than the name of the inclinometer manufacturer.

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