Space Gard 201

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Space Gard 201 filters are specifically designed for two Space Gard air purifying units: the 2200 and the 2250. Space Gard is the brand name of air cleaning units, as well as their replacement parts. One of these parts that need to be replaced regularly is the air filter cartridge.

The reason is that air filters, by the very nature of their job, become clogged with dirt and other particulate matter. Their function is to remove all this undesirable material from the air; otherwise, we would breathe it in. Once the filter becomes clogged with these residues, it becomes useless, and must be replaced.

Specifics on Space Gard 201 Filters

Space Gard filters come in differing sizes for different units. They also come in different base materials. For example, some Space Gard filters are made of purely synthetic materials that are charged to draw particulate matter out of the air. These filters are great at doing this, but ineffective against smaller-sized contaminants, such as chemical gases.

Believe it or not, chemical gases make up a significant amount of indoor air pollution. Chemical fumes come from cleaning fluids and even modern furniture, and must also be removed from the air. Space Gard 201 activated carbon filters are designed to do just that, and they do it very effectively. With a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value of eight, Space Gard 201 filters are among the most effective in the industry.

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