Tanning Salon Equipment

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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An oxygen bar is a smart, if unusual, piece of tanning salon equipment. If you're a salon owner, you may wonder why you should even bother toying with a new apparatus when your current business is running smoothly. The answer is because your clients, while happy today, may not be clients tomorrow if a better service comes along. That means you need to innovate simply to stay even with your competition.

As the health and beauty industries grow increasingly more competitive, profit margins shrink, and it becomes harder and harder for salons to survive. That means that more spas, beauty shops, and tanning salons are offering a spate of new services to help win and keep clients. If you're a smart business owner, you're constantly on the prowl for new amenities that make your customers feel happier, more relaxed, and thus more likely to return to your shop.

Your New Tanning Salon Equipment--an Oxygen Bar

What do oxygen bars have to do with tanning salon equipment? Easy. They enhance your customers' overall experience. They're already in your tanning salon because they want to look good and feel good, so they'll hardly be disappointed to see that you're interested in helping them do this. What better way to feel like you've escaped to a tropical island than to breathe fresh air while you're tanning under the lamps?

Oxygen bars work best with aromatherapy for a total getaway feel. You'll think you're lounging on the shores of Honolulu as the scent of tropical oils wafts through the air and the heat radiates across your body. More and more tanning salons have gotten the jump on aromatherapy treatment, which means there's sufficient demand from customers to keep the service alive--something to consider if you're struggling to retain customers.

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