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Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Novice tractor operators have always relied on tractor tips and advice from more experienced operators. Working a tractor isn't easy, and it can often be dangerous, as well. Many tractor tips focus on safety issues, like preventing roll overs. Roll overs injure thousands of tractor operators every year. Many times, they even result in death.

Tractor Tips for Preventing Roll Overs

You may need tractor equipment or accessories to help prevent roll overs. Fortunately, a good tractor accessory does not have to be expensive to work properly. One tractor tip you will hear over and over is, "Buy yourself an inclinometer." Inclinometers, also known as tilt sensors or slope indicators, are inexpensive, effective tools that allow you to quickly determine the angle of the tractor.

Read your tractor manual. Memorize its limitations. How steep of an angle is too steep for you to use your tractor? Don't try to push your machine beyond the limits the manual deems acceptable. Mowing the slope in your backyard is not worth losing a limb!

If you are a tractor manufacturer, you may want to include inclinometers on your machines. Original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, often add safety accessories and safety labels to their equipment. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it can save you a fortune in legal bills down the road.

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