Trade Show Display

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you've got a trade show display at your local convention center or indoor arena, chances are you're already serious about making money. Trade shows are an excellent way for businesses to meet prospective customers, suppliers, and distributors. No matter what industry or line of work you're in, it's more than likely there's a trade show for its official association or guild.

Your trade show display is your best chance to lure in would-be clients for an intimate one-on-one presentation of your product or service. Once you've successfully reeled in your lead, you have one chance to close the sale. To do that, you need a combination of business skill, salesmanship, charm, and luck.

An Oxygen Bar at Your Trade Show Display?

What does aromatherapy or an oxygen bar have to do with the product you're selling? To be perfectly honest, maybe nothing at all. Still, take a look around any trade show where sellers have set up an oxygen bar, and you'll soon see where the lines are forming.

Actually, there is a connection between oxygen bars and your business. Great sales people know how to keep their clients' attention, even if it means using a trick or gimmick. An oxygen station may appear to have no bearing on your auto parts shop, your metal finishing service, or your new technology. Nevertheless, once your prospective clients are seated and sucking up fresh air and aromatic scents, you'll find yourself with an excellent captive audience for your sales pitch.

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