Trade Show Giveaways

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Millions of business people try trade show giveaways each year in order to entice potential customers to their booths. No matter what field of work you're in, chances are there's at least one major annual trade show that brings together buyers, sellers, and marketers to exchange services. Once these groups have assembled, they will try practically anything to cinch a business transaction.

Often this entrepreneurship involves giving away free products such as logo-branded T-shirts or buttons. If you're in the apparel business, you may even part with valuable items, designating them as your trade show giveaways. Your would-be clients then have a regular reminder of your company's presence every time they don a sweatshirt or a hat. But there are other ways to get your message without giving out trinkets and other assorted goods.

An Alternative to Trade Show Giveaways

The trick with any trade show promotion is to make an impression. With millions of companies vying for consumers' dollars, it becomes harder and harder to make a memorable statement amid all the other simultaneous messages darting about. One proven way to grab your prospects' attention is to set up an oxygen bar at your trade show booth.

Even if you think oxygen bars have nothing to do with the good or service you're selling, it's the hook that will give you the upper hand. Once leads sit down to breathe in revitalizing oxygen, you have a captive audience for your sales pitch. Many tough sells become far more palatable to consumers who are enjoying themselves during the pitch. This is why so many business deals are cut over fancy dinners or golf outings, where people are stuffing their bellies with good food or enjoying the weather out on the course.

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