Trane Air Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Trane is a company that manufactures heating and air conditioning equipment, such as furnaces and air conditioning systems. These systems are commonly referred to as "forced air" systems because they physically transfer air into different spaces. First, they draw air into the system, where it is either heated or cooled. Then, the air is circulated back throughout the home through a system of ducts.

Sometimes the air is neither heated nor cooled, but rather the purpose is simple ventilation. In this case, the same thing happens: air is drawn into Trane air filters, then it's guided through the duct system into different areas of the home. The purpose of ventilating a home should be quite clear. All homes need a certain amount of indoor air circulation to keep it from becoming "stale". Stale air is unpleasant, causing us to feel tired, unfocused, and irritable. Sometimes it even gives us headaches.

Trane Air Filters and Healthy Living

There is a reason for this, and one that may be more disturbing than we anticipated: stale air is contaminated air. Air that does not circulate, but rather settles indoors, is the worst air we could breathe. The Environmental Protection Agency even asserted so much in its recent report stating that indoor air, including the air inside our homes, is five times more polluted than the air outdoors. Couple that with the fact that most of us spend a whopping ninety percent of our lives indoors. This is a recipe for disaster.

Trane air filters solve the problem of polluted indoor air. By installing Trane air filters within forced-air systems-whether heating, cooling, or plain ventilation-we can significantly improve the quality of the air inside our homes. With air filtration systems, we effectively remove the contaminating particles and chemical fumes that are so common to indoor air.

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