Trion Air Bear Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Trion Air Bear filters are about excellence, not compromise. That is why they sport a MERV rating of 8, putting them in the top tier of air filter effectiveness. MERV is an acronym for "Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value". This value was established in 1999 as the best way to rate a filter's effectiveness. Thus any filter worth its salt has a high MERV number.

What exactly do Trion Air Bear filters do to make the air cleaner? Their media, or the synthetic materials from which they're made, attract irritating particles and get them out of the air and into the filter. The filter has a large surface area due to its pleated design, which means it can trap a large amount of pollutants and hold them there. The more pollutants an air filter traps, the cleaner the air inside your home will be.

Trion Air Bear Filters for Indoor Air

The cleaner the air, the better you'll feel. This is a proven fact. Have you ever spent a lot of time in a stuffy room? Everybody knows what that feels like. You feel tired, sluggish and foggy-headed. Sometimes you're cranky, sometimes dizzy, and sometimes your head hurts. These are all signs of indoor air pollution, which cause mild to severe allergic reactions in people.

Trion Air Bear filters remove these conditions from your home, enabling you to breathe good, healthy air once again. These filters do eventually get gunked up with trapped contaminants. When this happens, they need to be replaced. You have the option of buying either name-brand Trion air filters, or equivalent filters manufactured with the same technology but sold at nearly a 50 percent discount.

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