Welding Protection

Written by Norene Anderson
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Welding protection for all areas of the face is critical. The mask must include or allow room for the use of filtering the brightness and content of the sparks arising from the welding process. Looking into the weld site can be as damaging or more so than staring at the sun without protection. The lenses used must filter out infrared and UV light radiation in order to protect the cornea.

The mask must also provide welding protection from the heat of the equipment. It must be flame retardant and offer some type of ventilation system to remove the hot air and replace it with cool air to inhale. This helps the respiratory system keep the body temperature down. Otherwise, it is very easy to overheat especially if the welder is working in a building with air constrictions. For safety, there should always be adequate ventilation.

Welding Protection Is Required

The buildup of fumes from the weld is another aspect that welding protection must address. The filtering system used should meet the NIOSH standard of N95. This means the product must filter out at least 95% of the particulates that are dispersed into the air because of the welding process. Some of this matter is in the form of gaseous fumes.

For more information on protection required for the welder, let the Internet be your guide. There are clear directions and standards set by NIOSH and OSHA for safety. The ratings for welding equipment must be adhered to if the right protection is provided. Many styles and designs are available to appeal to a variety of lifestyles and desires.

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