Wheel Powder Coating

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Drag racers, classic car collectors, and everyday drivers opt for powder coating on their wheels for several reasons. At the most basic level, coated wheels are more highly resistant to stains, corrosion, and "sagging." Powder coating thus ensures greater longevity for wheel rims, which can be expensive to replace.

Second, and perhaps more critically, coated rims that flash in the noontime sun give drivers an added measure of intimidation. Why is this important, you ask? Well, if you've just spent thousands of dollars on pneumatic tires, front and rear window tints, and a front-end grille, why would you not finish the job by adding scintillating rims? You are, as they say, only as strong as your weakest link or, in this case, as intimidating as your least-menacing accessory.

Options for Wheel Powder Coating

Whether you choose aluminum, chrome, or any other coated finish is mostly a matter of your own personal tastes. Some owners prefer the look of "spinning" rims. Others appreciate a classic five-spoke presentation. There are those who think nothing in the automotive world beats a "smoothie," and others who find raw "rally" wheels most impressive. Indeed, there are just as many types of tire as there are drivers.

It follows that there are powder coating options that best suit each of these stylistic choices. You may find that a yellow color scheme goes great with your yellow Xterra. Or you may think a raw finish best complements your '64 Impala. Regardless, there are powder coaters out there whose specialties can accommodate the needs of finicky car owners with very specific ideas of what their rods should look like.

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