Basement Refinishing Ideas

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the most popular types of renovation is basement refinishing, and basement refinishing ideas are some of the most commonly discussed topics among do-it-yourselfers and homebuilding enthusiasts. In many parts of the country, refinishing a basement requires finishing the basement's habitat to change it from storage or play space into part of the house. This often necessitates a shift in the spatial conditioning system of the basement, and installing some sort of thermal insulation.

Basement Refinishing Ideas for ICF Homes

Houses that are built with modern construction systems such as ICFs simplify basement refinishing ideas by already having the thermal insulation in place. ICFs are insulated concrete forms that remain attached to the concrete even after it has set and the building is erected. They act as heavy-duty thermal and noise insulation, sandwiching the concrete and increasing the effectiveness of the concrete's natural thermal mass.

The only basement refinishing ideas that houses with ICF construction may need, in fact, is a finish for the Styrofoam insulation. In many cases, all that may be required on the interior of ICF walls is a coat of plaster. Many companies produce a myriad of different ICF finishes, though, including complicated texture finished and finishes of different colors and strengths.

A good source of information on refinishing and renovation ideas is the numerous homebuilding enthusiast websites on the Internet. They often detail not just ideas, but the execution of them as well, from purchasing materials to finishing the job. Many also have links to materials suppliers as well, where builders or renovators can obtain tech specs, CAD files, or other relevant information.

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