Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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One of the most vocal supporters of ICF building systems is an organization called ICFA. ICFA, or the Insulated Concrete Forms Association, was formed in the mid-1990s by two former employees of Portland Cement (one of the leading cement manufacturers in the country), Dan Mistick and Dick Whitaker. Their goal was to help promote ICF building systems though increased awareness, developing standards, and working towards the formation of building codes for ICF buildings.

ICFs have been used in European construction for over 30 years, but have only been used in American since the early 1990s. Despite the growing popularity of ICF systems, many people are still unaware of the existence of a viable option to traditional framing techniques. ICFA has had a hand in the strides that the ICF business has made since inception, including being recognized by America's leading concrete construction code, the ACI.

The Impact of the ICFA on the Emerging ICF Market

Many national manufacturers of ICFs are part of the ICFA, and as such, have applied for code approval in various parts of the country. Many companies, such as Logix ICF, have the testing results and code approval forms available to the public on their websites. If ICFs aren't yet approved by standards in your parts of the country, manufacturers can often help builders take the necessary steps to improve ICF construction.

The ICFA is also active in educating and training carpenters and builders to be able to use ICFs. The ICFA regularly works with the National Association of Homebuilders, and, since 2001, with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, as well. They also hold seminars, have public displays, and hold other events to increase awareness.

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