Insulation Products

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Alongside fiberglass, foam is one of the most popular insulation products available. Used for many applications, foam is convenient because of its moldable consistency, noise-reduction qualities, thermal insulation properties, and inexpensiveness. It has been used in building applications for many years, as both part of building systems and as stand-alone insulation.

The main types of foam insulation products that are available include thick foam sheeting and composite materials such as SIPs, or structural insulation panels. Most foam insulation is applied between the framing and wrapping stages of homebuilding, against the studs, between them, or between the exterior walls and the interior walls. SIPs are a building material that can be used in place of plywood as part of exterior walls to provide for a more insulated interior and better thermal envelope around the house.

Building systems such as ICFs also take great advantage of foam's insulating qualities. ICFs are concrete forms made of expanded polystyrene that stay in place even after the concrete is dry to sandwich the concrete on each side with two-inch thick foam insulation. When using ICFs, builders combine the framing materials and insulation products into a single material that frames, supports and insulates the building.

Fiberglass Insulation Products

Other popular insulation products include blown-in fiberglass pellets and fiberglass blankets. These materials are very suitable for insulating interstitial spaces such as cavities, hollow walls, and attics. In many cases, blankets can be layered and pellets packed into a space to form very effective thermal insulation.

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