Sustainable Construction

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Many builders are looking towards the future and utilizing sustainable construction methods and materials. Sustainable building projects, or green buildings, are energy-efficient structures made with modern building materials and practices. They are usually designed to reduce waste, conserve heating and cooling energy, and have the utmost care for human needs and comfort.

Though the actual percentage of new U.S. buildings that could be classified as sustainable construction projects is low, the increase in that percentage over the last few years indicates a growing awareness and market for green ideas in building. In 1991, the only formal organization for green building existed in Texas, but by 2001, organizations had formed in almost every region of the country. As an increasing number of people are educated and new homebuilders become interested in sustainable construction, more and more projects are sprouting up everywhere.

Sustainable Construction Organizations

Small business builders and contractors have found in green building a way to increase their businesses, as well. By setting themselves apart from the competition, they can often secure a steady and reliable customer base and create healthy business relationships. Green builders can offer a product that creates a healthy living environment, is friendly towards the Earth, and has low operating costs.

In addition, many government offices have produced mandates for sustainable construction. Local offices across nearly the entire state of California now have incentives to build green, including technical support, quick permit approvals, and tax credits. Federal programs such as the US Army have also adopted many sustainable building practices.

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