Dry Freight Transport

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Dry freight transport is the movement of loads of non-perishable items. This can take place overland in trucks, by rail, by air, or even by water in huge freighters. Just about anything that will not lose its value if it is not refrigerated and moved rapidly is considered dry freight. That can include anything from underwear to cars and is one of the largest sectors of shipping.

Moving Dry Freight

Dry freight can be moved in all kinds of trucks from vans to eighteen wheelers to pups, second trailers attached to a rig. If it is moving by rail, more and more of the time the freight is carried in containers. A significant amount of dry freight that is shipped by water is carried in containers as well. Containers can be loaded easily and moved from one form of transportation to another in a short time.

For example, freight coming off a ship can be moved to rail or truck using huge lifts. Today, some moving companies even provide container services to individual families. A container is dropped off at the family's home. The family can then take as much time as needed to load the "pod" which will then be picked up the the mover and transported.

Everyone from major grocery stores and discount outlets to small businesses can take advantage of dry freight transport services. The small business can use carriers who provide dedicated lanes and who will take less than load shipments. This is a huge advantage for the small business trying to create a niche for their business, especially when the company uses qualified and ethical freight brokers/logistics companies to negotiate the best rates for them.

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