Expedited Freight Services

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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It is the responsibility of freight brokers to expedite the process of shipping for both shippers and carriers alike. Brokers bring the two parties together and negotiate the parameters of the contract. Everything from getting the best rates for the shipper to making sure the carrier is able to deliver on the promises to obtaining evidence of adequate insurance are part of the services the broker provides. In turn, the broker takes a portion of the difference between the rate quoted by the carrier and the rate quoted to the shipper.

Expediting the Process

Some of the larger freight broker/logistics companies establish a continuing process for expediting shipments by placing an employee onsite to handle all aspects of a large customer's shipping functions. The process can become so seamless that the shipper relies on the onsite broker agent's skills and expertise when planning manufacturing schedules and negotiating product sales.

What this means to the shipper is that he does not have to hire and maintain his own shipping department. The broker has established relationships with and access to multiple carriers, usually in the thousands. The broker can then look for the right carrier at the right price with the advanced knowledge and history he has with that carrier.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Using a freight services expediter such as a logistics/broker firm is much more efficient for both the shipper and the carrier. The shipper saves money and time when the broker does all the negotiating and legwork. The carrier saves by knowing that the broker will be able to keep his trucks full. Because of this, the broker can often get the shipper really great rates. In addition, most brokers work with various modes of shipping.

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Great question Maria! When buidilng your freight brokerage or freight agency you should focus mainly on manufacturers, distributors and producers that makeor distribute product. There are tons of load boards out there but the reality is they are mainly filled with carriers and brokers and not actual shippers/producers.The face of the matter is, there is only way to successfully sell anything and that is to develop and build a relationship and then provide value .yes that means selling.Some brokers sell over the phone and others do it face to face but in any event I have never seen any broker or agent become successful by trying to buildsuccessful customer relationships off of load boards. Hope this helps!