Flat Bed Trucking

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Flat bed trucks commonly carry loads that will generally not get damaged by inclement weather or loads that are too large to fit into standard trailers. That includes heavy and oversized loads such as structural steel and other building products, concrete, heavy machinery, and even logs and trees. They can even carry shipments that require special equipment such as double drop trailers, extended double-drop trailers, and step-deck trailers.

Flat Bed Hauling

Flat bed trucks are often used for oversized loads such as bridge parts. This usually requires special permitting and may also require police escorts and special routing. Overweight loads that may require special loading equipment are also good candidates for flat bed trucks.

A double-drop flat bed trailer is unusual looking. Normally the base of a flat bed is one straight line, but a double-drop flat bed has a long central section that is only about 18" off the road and is actually lower than the tops of the tires. Often available with Air Ride for stability, these trailers can carry loads or equipment that are up to 50 feet long and nearly 12 feet tall.

Rigging Services

Flat bed truck loads may require special rigging in order to get the goods safely onto the truck and secured according to trucking regulations and state laws. In some cases, that can include forklifts that can handle up to 30 tons. Cranes can handle even heavier loads. In addition to rigging services, some companies also offer packing services for huge pieces that require some coverage.

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