Freight Brokers

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Freight brokers put customers, loads, rigs, and drivers together. When a trucking company has a customer whose load has to go now, they will call a broker if they don't have a rig available. Brokers do the legwork it takes to find the rig or rigs fast. They make the phone calls, contacts, and arrangements on behalf of the trucking company and the driver.

Brokers charge a fee for this service, and the fee is often based on how critical it is to move the load. They are in a position to save the trucking company owner a lot of time, but using a broker adds to the cost of the ride. Many companies establish relationships with brokers in order to get the best possible rates when they are in crisis mode and have to move a valuable load.

Finding Freight Brokers

Brokers advertise just like any other vendors. They get most of their referrals, however, by word of mouth. Drivers can register with brokers, making it known that they are available when there is a crisis. Smart drivers get more money when they work with a broker because they know that many trucking companies only use brokers when there is a critical need.

If you are a driver and want to be on call, registering with a broker can be a good way to make some extra money. If you're cutting down on the time you spend on the road, it can also be a good idea to hook up with a moderately busy broker just to get a load every now and then. You can find brokers online and can register right from home so that you can be ready when a load is available.

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