Freight Carrier

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Freight carriers are always looking for good drivers, drivers who are experienced, reliable, and who take pride in their work. Truck drivers keep goods and services moving. They are virtually the heart of commerce in the US. They work hard; they are often away from their families; and their lives are not easy. Without them, we would be paying more for just about every item we buy.

When you work for a freight company, you can make good money, and you can usually be assured of steady work. There are some advantages to being independent and some perks that go with working for a single company. For example, a company usually provides benefits that you have to pay for yourself if you're an independent. Benefits, such as family healthcare, can be pretty expensive when you're buying it individually.

Finding Freight Carrier Jobs

Today, drivers can find jobs on the Internet. There are several sites that post available loads for independents and also have job listings for those who want to work with one carrier. In addition, drivers can post their resumes on these sites for a nominal fee. What this means to drivers is that they can maximize their time on the road and can, with some planning, create a schedule that works with the other parts of their lives.

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