Freight Companies

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Freight companies live and die by how well they stay on schedule. On-time deliveries of undamaged loads make for happy customers who not only become repeat customers, they are also more likely to refer others to you. Let's face it, in the trucking industry, it's all about customer service.

Now you can improve your customer service, your company's efficiency, and your bottom line by using a load tracking system. Without one, you have only a loose awareness of where loads are, and you don't really know how to provide a definitive answer when a customer calls and asks when his load will arrive. With a load tracking system, you can access accurate information online any time you need it.

Lost Loads

With a load tracking system in place, freight companies no longer have to deal with the awful issue of lost loads. Barring an incident that disables the on-board tracking device, you will always be able to pinpoint a truck's location. This knowledge will allow you to provide more accurate arrival information to your customers.

Using the latest satellite technology, load tracking systems require a relatively small investment and offer a huge payback. Knowing where your trucks are gives you much better control over your planning and can save you time and money when it comes to moving your trucks and drivers around. Best of all, you will virtually never have to make excuses for a load you can't find.

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